Residential Cleaning Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, hear what our happy customers have to say!
Absolutely we are having you move with us!!! We could not function without you :) 
Maria C. & Justin P. Evanston, IL
After being sick for three weeks and then heading out of town, my apartment needed a massive scrubbing and Girl Friday was amazing. The place looks spotless and they were very accommodating with my requests. I’ve gone from doing this once to considering getting this as an ongoing service because of how professional and detailed they were.
Emily P. Lincoln Square IL
The team is unbelievably responsive! The staff is courteous, does great work and is always willing to take on special requests. They are professional, on time and billing and payment is easy. I have recommended them on several occasions!
Carolyn F. Glenview IL
GirlFriday is a very professional organization with really good and pleasant staff. They are efficient and conscientious. We've had a few different cleaners over the years and their attention to detail can vary a little from one person to the next but we've found that they have all been responsive to requests and feedback. The scheduling staff are always courteous and prompt in their responses. Really grateful for all that they do to help keep our home in great shape!
Sherine W. Evanston IL
The girls at Girl Friday are great. Every person I've dealt with as been professional, responsive and kind. They also do great work. We hope to stick with Girl Friday going forward for a long time.
Wade B. Lincoln Park, IL
I was lucky enough to have Ana take care of my condo every two weeks for about two years. Each time Ana left my place sparkling, and I recommend her services highly. Andreea runs a very professional operation. You won't be disappointed.
Matt J. Lakeview
Super-excellent service!!! The best I've ever had. Andreea Pfeifer is an absolute gem. Very friendly, efficient, effective, and smart!!!!!!
Deepak K. Evanston, IL
The place looked great and I can't begin to tell you how relaxing it was to come home after a long day and not have to worry about cleaning the place. Looking forward to her next visit.
Candace B. Chicago, IL
Thank you so much!! Anny is sooooo wonderful - she does a great job and is incredibly sweet!
Katie D. Chicago
From the initial consultation to the actual day of cleaning, the staff is always focused on what the client wants and not what makes it easier for them to get to their next job. They make SURE we are happy before they move on. And the work they do is flawless.
Kimberly S. Northbrook IL
Andreea the owner came out, looked at the house, and gave me the estimate. She was professional, and her estimate was fair. She provides real personal service. I will continue to use her services in the future.
Lori S. Chicago IL
They've cleaned twice. Andreea is very thorough when inspecting the house before the first service and has followed up each time to make sure the cleaning met my standards.
Lynn L. Chicago IL
I've been having girlFriday clean my house every two weeks for the past 4 months. I have the same housekeeper each time. She is wonderful! Always on time, pleasant and detail oriented. I would highly recommend girlFriday to anyone looking for a housecleaning service.
Tammara E. Wilmette IL
They are a great outfit. I have been using them for about 6 - 7 months now and couldn't be happier. We have the same lady who comes and spends the day cleaning our home top to bottom. It's always a pleasure to come home after the service since the house is spotless. Very thorough, always on time and they deliver a great service for a very competitive price.
Roger D. Evanston IL
They came for an initial cleaning and will come by for bi-weekly cleaning. We love them! Easy and efficient.
Abby W. Evanston IL
Great. They were to arrive during the work day on Thursday. They did. They cleaned the area, replaced all of their cleaning products and left. They were very efficient and very thorough.
Christopher & Christine Chicago IL
Elena cleans our 5000 sq ft house each week, including 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, etc. and does a terrific, thorough job. Our home is listed for sale; therefore we are quite particular about its condition. Occasionally, Elena's husband is able to help, too, and is very handy with repairs, small painting jobs, etc., and I have been happy to pay him extra, directly for handyman work. Andreea, the owner, communicates by email each week with reminders of dates and times, and has been able to accommodate any needed changes. All in all, a great value and service.
Katherine M. Winnetka IL
Elena is AWESOME! Thank You!
Elise C. Chicago, IL
Thank you, Andreea. By the way, you have the nicest people working for you. Katy did a fantastic job and could not have been sweeter. Thanks again for your help.
David & Elizabeth B. Chicago, IL
Hi, Andreea, Samantha was fabulous. Thanks so much!
Lindsay S. Northbrook, IL
Hi Andreea,
We are very pleased with Kati's work; she does a great job, and she is very nice.
Ruby B. Evanston IL
My house is so clean... I feel like a queen.
Kris F. Chicago IL
Kathy spent 4 solid hours cleaning my house. She did a good job but what I really liked was that she arranged items nicely that I just had laying around i.e. blankets, towels, etc.
Kathy W. Northbrook IL
Our "girlfriday" is efficient and thorough and does an EXCELLENT job cleaning our home. The place looks amazing when she's done! Andreea is very responsive and organized. I simply cannot say enough good things about this service and strongly recommend them to anyone looking for housecleaning that is reliable, well done, and affordable.
Tonya & Sean H. Evanston IL
Thank you for your excellent service! and will give you the best rating on the subscribes customer's list as well.
Mary L. Evanston IL
Katy arrived on time, and w/ all the cleaning supplies one could imagine. She did an amazing job cleaning up an apartment that was quite a challenge! We would surely use this service again for one-time or periodic cleaning!
Mary L. Evanston IL

Excellent Job! Thank YOU!
Jamee C. Evanston IL
Thank you! Once again Diana is here and is doing a great job! Plus she gives Charlie so much love, it's wonderful. :)
Lauren & David G. Chicago IL
We are very happy with Kati's work, and she is a very nice person whom we enjoy having in our home.
Bullen/Lau Evanston IL
Wonderfully! Andreea and the woman who would become our regular housekeeper came for a visit and they were both great. Andreea is consistently incredibly professional and responsive and our housekeeper does a wonderful job.
Lauren & David G. Chicago IL
I just have to say that Diana is the most amazing woman in the world! Every Monday that I come home after she is here I am like the happiest person alive! Thank u!!!
Jaime K. Chicago IL
Kathy spent 4 solid hours cleaning my house. She did a good job but what I really liked was that she arranged items nicely that I just had laying around i.e. blankets, towels, etc.
Kathy W. Northbrook IL
Our "girlfriday" is efficient and thorough and does an EXCELLENT job cleaning our home. The place looks amazing when she's done! Andreea is very responsive and organized. I simply cannot say enough good things about this service and strongly recommend them to anyone looking for housecleaning that is reliable, well done, and affordable.
Tonya & Sean H. Evanston IL
We've been very happy with their work. Andreea and her team have been very attentive to our needs. They are client focused and always want to make sure the job was done right. I feel very comfortable with this service, and we look forward to using their services in the future.
Alison & John H. Evanston IL
Marika seems to be doing a nice job! Everything is very clean.
Michelle A.
Michelle A. Evanston IL
Rica and Katy did a wonderful job today. I am so will be a treat to have Rica here every other week. Thank you,
Ann Marie A. Chicago IL
Just wanted to let you know that we're happy with your service and appreciate the job that Ketty's doing. She's very friendly and enthusiastic.
Jennifer P. Chicago IL
Everything went really well yesterday. Rica is great. I am super pleased and impressed. Will fill out a review soon!
Ann Marie & Joe A. Chicago IL Sauganash area
I just wanted to let you know how much we like Marika. She's doing a really great job!
Michelle P. Chicago IL - Lincoln Square
Andreea, the owner, is responsive and communicative and nice to do business with. She came over to check out the house first and find out in detail what we wanted done. The women who came to clean knew exactly what to do. The first visit was a major clean and now we have one woman who comes every other week. She is efficient, thorough and hardworking. Andreea is totally open to feedback and special requests.
AnnMarie A. Chicago IL Sauganash area
Hi Andreea, I just wanted to follow up after last Tuesday's cleaning to say thank you and to tell you what an excellent job Marika did. She went ahead and did some laundry, even though I forgot to put instructions out, and it was great. It was such a huge relief to come home to a clean house and some completed laundry! Please thank her for us again.
Kim N. Park Ridge IL
The communications with the owner of the company are excellent - Andreea is very responsive to special requests or any concers. I have been a customer for approximately a year & a half, and am delighted with the service. Our house cleaner is very reliable and works hard.
Lindsay S. Northbrook IL
Thanks for the reminders and also checking in and asking if we have any feedback. Ketty's been doing a great job. She's very thorough.
Jennifer P. Chicago IL
I can't tell you how happy I was to come home today...
Jaime K. Chicago IL
Thank you! Diana did a wonderful job cleaning - as always!
Becky M. (Mother of client Ana N.) Evanston IL
First of all Dorina was excellent - but you already know that.
Kate L. Chicago IL (Edgewater)
I love coming home after she has been here (Elena)! We are moving to another state, so we won't be using theyr services anymore. It will be hard finding someone as reliable!
Jennifer L. Chicago IL -Streeterville
You have been wonderful and all your ladies are very professional and so such great throrough work.
Jessica A. Chicago IL
I was very pleased with the experience and comfortable right away with Simona - my girlFriday representative in my home. The work was first rate. Andreea - the owner is a very smart and energetic woman. She is a good example of how to be client focused!
Sue G. Winetka IL
Thanks again for your team's hard work on Saturday, the place looks great!
Jeanette L. & Steve W. Wilmette IL
The work that is done is fabulous. Elena (as well as Andreea) is extremely flexible with our schedule and our requests. It is so nice to come home to a freshly cleaned home. I know I do not have to go back and check to make sure the job was done correctly because Elena does right the first time! I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future!
Kim S. Chicago IL - Uptown
Everything was wonderful. Thank you very much. Honestly, we couldn't be happier.
Melissa P. & Brian B. Skokie IL
It is so nice to have her clean. Our apartment has never been so clean and neat.
Ruby B. Evanston IL
Katy was great and the house looked wonderful. Thanks :)
Rachel G. Chicago IL -South Loop
Andreea is always available for questions, comments and anything that you, as a client, would need. The quality of the cleaning is superior and everyone is incredibly pleasant. I would recommend them to anyone!!
Ilene M. Chicago IL -Rogers Park
Andreea (the owner of Girl Friday) and Girl Friday is a fantastic company. Andreea is a thorough, responsive, incredibly organized and dedicated business owner. She goes above and beyond to insure that her clients are happy with the services. Andreea is a pleasure to work with and makes the experience of working with Girl Friday easy and enjoyable.
I have recommended Girl Friday to friends and family and I highly recommend Girl Friday to you!
Lauren G. Chicago IL -Lincoln Square
Reeka is the bomb! It was so great coming home to a clean house. And I love the way she made my bed.
Thank you thank you!
Melissa P. Skokie IL
First of all, thanks so much for all the work on Saturday! It looks fantastic! Definitely an expert job. They somehow managed to do even the things I could never do correctly myself, even when I tried, like cleaning the burners on my stove and cleaning the doors on the shower.
Tristan H. Chicago IL -Lincoln Park
The company is unbelievably responsive--even helping get cleaning supplies and delivering them to our house during our house move. We are very, very pleased, and are even happy to pay the premium that is the norm when using a company rather than hiring someone directly. Unlike in the past when we have used a service, Andreea is really on top of her company and not just adding the fee and disappearing from the scene.
Elizabeth K. Evanston, IL
Girl Friday is awesome! Andreea, the owner, is organized, responsive and very client-focused.
Kristin S. Chicago IL -Gold Coast
Since I started using Girl Friday, I have come home to a wonderfully clean place time and again. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your company's work. I have been trying to refer new business to you and I hope some of those referrals bear fruit.
Bradford L. Chicago IL
Thanks so much for checking in. Everything was wonderful. I'm especially wowed that she found a set of car keys that I've been missing for over 6 months.
Kim and Josh N. Park Ridge IL
I'm happy I found you because you're a class act.
Kristine S. Chicago IL
I am proud to be using a company on Angie's list with 4 years running of Annual Rewards! They are well deserved! I have been using Girl Friday for most of 7 years now. Andreea is organized, and very client focused and knowledgable.
Karen K. Northbrook IL
We think she did a really nice job. You could tell that she was thorough, moved everything to clean well (which I know is not easy at our place since we have so much stuff everywhere...)
Mira S. Evanston IL
Excellent! Andrea came and gave estimate then showed up at agreed time with 2 women. They did a superb job and when they left, the apartment was spotless
Allen S. Chicago IL
Andreea - Katy did a wonderful job, thank you for sacrificing her to us for the day. I knew our house was dirty, but I didn't see that it was THAT dirty, (until ) it was clean.
Molly H. Evanston IL
Love the cleaning job your team is doing!! Many thanks,
Bobby H. Chicago IL
I just wanted to let you know the cleaning yesterday was great!
Jessica M. & Craig J. Chicago IL -Lincoln Park
It has been a pleasure working with such a professional outfit. Thanks very much!
Nancy W. & Brian L. Evanston IL
I am writing again to tell you how pleased I am--you have provided, by far and away, the best cleaning service I've ever had. Thank you.
Bradford L. Chicago IL
Just wanted to let you know that Cristina is doing a great job. We are very pleased! I couldn't be home today (unexpectedly), and it was delightful to come home to a sparkling house .
Linsday S. Northbrook IL
I wanted to share with you how pleased I was with Elena. She did a great job and I look forward to having her services every week! I feel spoiled- how wonderful
Ellen G. Skokie IL
Girlfriday has been reliable, flexible when necessary for scheduling, and very clear communications.
We have a 4-bedroom split level house, with two kids. As long as the toys are put away, Girl Friday can (and does) do an excellent job cleaning, vacuuming, and swiping the cobwebs.
Great company.
Rebecca G. Glenview IL
They do an excellent job of communicating on both ends, both in being responsive when I have small requests, and letting me know immediately when it's time to stock up on supplies. I can't tell you how much it has helped to have a clean environment, and I think the cat would agree too. I look forward to continuing working with them and wish them the best of success!
Tristan H. Chicago . IL
Super-excellent service!!! The best I've ever had. Andreea Pfeifer is an absolute gem. Very friendly, efficient, effective, and smart!!!!!!
Deepak K. Evanston IL
Cristina did a great job cleaning and organizing. Please thank her. We're excited to have her come back on the 8th.
Betsy D. & Jennifer D. Evanston IL
Fabulous! You are a rockstar! (Andreea)
Megan N. Chicago IL
We are so pleased with our cleaning! Vali did an amazing job. I noticed that she cleaned our toothbrush holder and she even got my new microwave looking beautiful again!
Diane and Brian B. Glenview IL
I love you and Cristina and thank you SO MUCH!!!
Megan N. Chicago IL -Lakeview
From the initial consultation to the actual day of cleaning, the staff is always focused on what the client wants and not what makes it easier for them to get to their next job. They make SURE we are happy before they move on. And the work they do is flawless.
Diane and Brian B. Glenview IL
We enjoyed meeting Cristina this morning. She was lovely and did a great job.
Nicole & Peter A. Chicago IL
Andreea, before today is over for me I had to email you and just express my appreciation for working us in on late notice and with such a nice cleaner. Cristina was so nice and she did incredible work. I don't think our bathroom has ever smelled so good. :) . My nesting hormones are at ease tonight.
Heather M. Evanston IL
I just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the cleaning that Kristina did today. She was extremely thorough, asked good questions, and left no corner undusted.
Julie and Anthony T. Chicago IL
The house is beautiful! It hasn't smelled this good or been this clean in a long time. Tell Mia I said thank you!!
Michelle A. Evanston, IL
The place looks INCREDIBLE and Nuti did a wonderful job.
Michael Q. and Lee L. Chicago, IL
Annie did an AMAZING job today!! We're sooo happy!
Katie & Matt D. Chicago, IL
Mia is doing a great job--we really appreciate the work that she is doing
Kim S. Northbrook IL
The communication is very good, the work is very good, and I would highly recommend using Girl Friday to anyone. I am not an easy one to please and I am very happy.
Kimberly S. Northbrook IL
I love Christina-she does a great job.
Bernadette E. Evanston, IL
Mia did a fantastic job!Thanks.
Bruce G. Northbrook IL
We are very pleased with Kati's work; she does a great job, and she is very nice.
Ruby B. Evanston, IL
First of all, Mihaela is awesome- a hoot AND my kitchen looks beautiful.
Caroline M. Chicago, IL
The place looked great and I can't begin to tell you how relaxing it was to come home after a long day and not have to worry about cleaning the place. Looking forward to her next visit.
Candace B. Chicago-Wrigleyville
Andreea, I just got home, and my place looks amazing! I'm super impressed with Elena! Please pass along my gratitude. Thank you!
Amber P. Chicago, IL
Andreea, the place looks GREAT! Thanks!
Kim G. Chicago, IL
Cristina did an amazing job each time-- our apartment looks immaculate and even fools our friends into thinking that we're organized, together parents. Andreea is very professional and extremely responsive.

Jennifer D.,
Jennifer D. Evanston IL
You seriously are the best. Thank you!!!!!!
Laura H. Chicago IL-Lincoln Square
Thank you so much!! Anny is sooooo wonderful - she does a great job and is incredibly sweet!
Katie D. Chicago IL-Lincoln Park
We so enjoy having Doina helping us out. She is doing a wonderful job.
Maria M. Chicago IL-Rogers Park
I just made it home . Elena did an AMAZING job. Please pass along the compliment and my gratitude.
Amber P. Chicago IL
She's wonderful! I had to go to work before she finished and my husband called to say how lovely the house looked and I could not believe how quickly she got it done! At first I couldn't believe that it could really be that clean but she's a miracle worker! I can't think of anything we'd change at the moment.

Thanks Andreea!
Anne H. Park Ridge IL
Mia, the woman who came to clean, is AWSOME, and does a fantastic 4 star hotel great job, and is very nice as well. The owner is very responsive to emails and requests.
Barbara W. Glenview IL
Alexsandra did a fantastic job today and was easy/unobtrusive to have in the house while I was working. We're delighted with her work"
John & Jen K. Evanston IL
We have been very pleased with the service and appreciate your attention to details.
Maria M. Chicago-Rogers Park
Andreea, good seeing you today. Our place looks outstanding! Laura did a fantastic job. I barely recognized it when I walked in.
Bruce B. Chicago-Lakeview
Everything was great from the start and has continued so. We couldn't ask for better service.
Member Comments: We couldn't be more pleased with Girl Friday. From the initial consultation with Andreea to each cleaning session with Natalia, every thing has been fantastic. Both Andreea and Natalia are incredibly professional, kind, and courteous. It is clear that they both care tremendously about the job they do.
Jacob & Liz Z. Glenview.IL
For the past 3 years, we've had a wonderful housekeeping experience with Girl Friday. Andreea is great at understanding our needs, setting us up with the right cleaning products, and being responsive. She checks in periodically to see how things are going and ask about what Girl Friday can do better. And, she has been accommodating if we ever needed to change the schedule. Andreea is super well-organized.
We really enjoyed having Liana come by. She's so sweet and it was nice to know that the same person would be there each time. We've trusted her with access to our home -- never an issue, working around our dog -- she's grown to like the big guy, and keeping everything in order -- cleaning is very thorough. In 3 years, we've never had any problems, broken items, missed appointments or late arrivals. It is all very pleasant, predictable and really helpful. You can't go wrong with Girl Friday. I've recommended them to friends.
Cynthia D. Glencoe. IL
They do a great job every time. The work is consistently great
Michael G. Chicago-N.Side
Andreea (and Liana!) are wonderful. We started using them after our previous service became increasingly unreliable, and frequently unpleasant to work with. Andreea did a thorough walk through of our house, and then went over it again with Liana before she started the service. Liana is very efficient and pleasant, I am very comfortable having her in my house and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her (and the service in general) to anyone!
Anne & Matt H. Park Ridge IL
Hi Andreea,

I just wanted to share our excitement with the "deep clean" service! Our house has never been cleaner!
Julia and Nathan I. Chicago -Rogers Park
Laura dusted, cleaned the hardwood floors, swept the carpets and rugs. This is pretty big jog job, since my dog shed a lot, so there is dog hair on the floors and in the carpets. I have not closely supervised while Laura is working, but I have closely examined the results and I am very satisfied with the results; as a result, I have never felt I needed to watch her carefully,as I might if I were less than completely satisfied.
Kent W. Northbrook IL
First, Emmy is doing a fabulous job cleaning for us. We're very happy with her work.
Christine & Will P. Evanston IL
Again we are delighted with the current arrangement and Diana!
Carolyn F. Glenview IL

I wanted to let you and AnaMaria know that we are so happy with her work! Just walking in the house, we could immediately see things looking shinier. She has a great attention to detail and is doing a thorough job. We very much appreciate her hard work. Please pass this message along to her. Bravo!
Christine M. Chicago IL
I have been using Girl Friday for cleaning services after finding them on Angie's List about 5 years ago. Typically it is for a bi-weekly cleaning but occasionally I call them for one-off projects. I sent an email to Andreea early Friday evening requesting an extra cleaning due to allergies and some construction going on in my home. I needed some extra work done and wasn't sure if this was something they could handle. The response was almost immediate and was very accommodating. Andreea very quickly had the cleaning scheduled for today (2 business days). They followed the instructions very carefully and are very diligent about doing a great job every time. If they are not sure about something, they call and ask. Girl Friday's excellent service and flexibility make them very easy to work with and give me one less thing to worry about.
Lynn L. Chicago - Lincoln Park
Girl Friday has been a real blessing for us. Andreea, who owns the business, is professional and prompt in getting back to you. She is a pleasure to communicate with. Our girlFriday representative, who comes to our house on a weekly basis, has been a real blessings as well. She is kind, on time and does a great job. She is open to feedback and makes adjustments as needed without any problems. We have been very happy with the Service and will continue to use it.
Sonja & Stephen F. Park Ridge IL
GirlFriday has been providing me with house cleaning services every 2 weeks since the Fall of 2014, and I couldn't be happier. I found GirlFriday through Angie's List after scouring all of the reviews of cleaning services, and they stood out from the rest of the pack. Andreea, the owner, is a no-nonsense, consummate professional, who is incredibly responsive and tells you like it is (which I greatly appreciate!), and she and her managers run their services very professionally.
Ga-Young P. Chicago IL
I just walked in to my apartment & it's gorgeous; granted we still have some boxes to finish, but Diana did a fantastic job, & we have reduced dust by 100%.

Thank you, thank you for a great job
Jeffrey W. Highland Park IL
girlFriday has been cleaning our house for the past six years on a weekly basis and they have done a great job for us. I found them on Angie's List after being less than impressed with my previous house cleaners. Andreea, the owner, is professional and responsive.
Emmy comes each week. She is trustworthy and thorough and I look forward to coming home on Wednesdays. I trust her to clean when we are on vacation and she is comfortable with using an alarm system. She is also great about doing additional jobs when needed such as cleaning out the fridge.
Amanda & Thomas M. Wilmette IL.
Absolutely loved the lady Andreea assigned to my house. She was thorough, efficient, eager to do a good job. A pleasure to work with. When she left, the trash was taken to the alley. Thank you for this very special lady! I also want to add that Andreea has been very helpful,and I appreciate her working with me.
Margot M. Evanston IL
Now the feedback: I had friends visiting the other weekend and one of them (a particularly fussy friend) told me that while my house was always clean it seemed particularly clean the last month or so when he has visited. I thought that was a pretty good comment to get unsolicited and wanted to share it with you as she is doing a great job. My visiting friend would DEFINITELY tell me when he finds something beneath his standards but he has never actually commented positively on pretty much anything before.
David R. Chicago IL
I've been using GirlFriday services for over a year, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone. I've used other highly rated providers for getting our house cleaned, and I found that Andreea - the owner - demands and expects the best from her staff, which translates to highly clean house.
Ga .P Chicago -Lincoln Park.
The team at Girl Friday is very responsive and professional. They have a checklist of the supplies needed and a process they follow. It's nice to have the consistency and the knowledge that if something isn't quite right, they address it right away. I'm very particular about the cleanliness of my house and always knew that Girl Friday would strive to meet my standards.e
Christine T.D Chicago Lincoln Park
Girl Friday provides excellent, professional, thorough housecleaning at a reasonable price. You can't get better service. When they are finished my home looks ready for magazine pictures. I highly recommend them.

Not only do they make everything sparkle and shine, they fold towels and make the bed that makes bedrooms and bathrooms look like a 5 star hotel.
Donna D Chicago IL
I'm please with their work. I've used their services a few times. The company is very responsive over the phone for questions and appointment requests. The young lady did a nice job cleaning the kitchen, bath, living room, dining room, and bedroom in about 5 hours. If I noticed anything that needed to be looked at again, she obliged.

Girl Friday provides me with a Move-Out/Move-In cleaning service each time a new tenant moves into my apartment. They returned my phone call to set up an appointment, met me at my apartment promptly for an estimate. On the actual cleaning date, the young lady promptly arrived with all of her own supplies ready to go.
Kim J. Evanston IL
Andreea, the owner treats every single client as if they are the only one. She is extremely responsive, wonderfully pleasant, punctual and really accommodating. I trust the company and the staff members completely, they are very tolerant to schedule changes. I can't recommend Andreea and the Girl Friday team more. they are wonderful.

I've been using Girl Friday weekly cleaning services for the past two years and I can't be more satisfied with their work. They have been extremely well trained, punctual and neat. I am so glad that I got across their services. I would recommend their housekeeping services to anyone who love a clean, neat home.
Oya C. Chicago-Lincoln Park
Girl Friday (Andreea) introduced us to M.P. over 3 years ago and she has been coming every other week since then to clean and make our condo sparkling clean :)
M.P. is smart, trustworthy, hard-working, engaging, reliable, and detail-oriented. We feel lucky that she is our housekeeper!
Caryn W. Evanston IL
Hi Aubrey,

I just wanted to say thank you again for being so accommodating for us to start our service yesterday! My husband said the house was so clean - it desperately needed it : )

Have a great day,
Cristina B. Chicago IL
Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that Erika did very well today. The wood looks great, the floors are perfect and the bathrooms and kitchen are very clean. I know we've had a lot of changes, but thank you for ensuring a continuous service. We look forward to having Erika back.
Christine L. Glenview IL
it was great! Diana is a super person and does an impeccible job. Even when we accidentally set the
alarm and cause issues for her. The company as a whole is very professional as well as personal. They
are accommodating with changes and will also let you know when there will be a change in personnel. We have been using Girl Friday for over a year and they keep us up to date on changes. I would recommend them to anyone!
Ann W. Chicago IL
I have been using Girl Friday for almost a year now. I was so pleased with the service I've gotten
from my current cleaning lady that when I moved, I requested to take her with me to my new house. The
service has been consistent, and I am pleased with the work done every two weeks.
Chris W. Chicago IL
Thanks so much! House looked great after the move out clean. The buyers stopped by to look at it and the broker said they also commented that the house was so nice and clean. Thank you!
Jacob Z. Glenview IL
I didn't receive the service because I was out of their service area. i appreciate the fast response to
my online query (less than 15 minutes).
Cassandra S. Country Club Hills IL
Andreea and her team are wonderful! I had a bi-weekly cleaning service for about two years at two different apartments, and I was always pleased with the quality of work, professionalism, and response to any small issue that arose. I only discontinued service because I moved out to the southern suburbs. I highly recommend GirlFriday.
Amber B. Chicago IL
P.S. The cleaning on 11/28 was amazing -- best move out cleaning I have ever seen! Great attention to all the little details. Please send our thanks to the person/people that worked on it!
Dan & Liz L. Evanston IL
My wife seemed very pleased with yesterday's job and my children were amazed.
Bruce C. & Octavia K. Evanston IL
I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with Mia. She did an absolute fantastic job!, and we are very happy with her work.

thank you so much for sending her to us
Melinda L. Chicago- Rogers Park
Another wonderfully clean house!!!
Becky O. & Debbie F. Skokie IL
The girls did an awesome job!! Thanks!
Anne G. Evanston IL
It went very well!! There were 2 girls who arrived promptly and worked very hard the whole time
they were at my house. They were so thorough, my house looked awesome and smelled great! I would
definitely recommend them! I look forward to using their services again.
Anne G. Evanston IL
Very professionally managed and well executed.
Stephen S. Chicago IL.
Aubrey and Andreea,
You probably hear this all the time, but we can't tell you how much we appreciate what Mia does for us!! It is beyond words the relief when we come home to a spotless house...she is the best and thank you!
Deb and Becky
Deb & Becky Skokie IL

First, I want to say how very pleased I am with my first cleaning experience! Elena (sp?) was wonderful! The house sparkles and it was wonderful to have all rooms clean at once! : )
Caroline K Evanston IL
Hello ~
Just wanted to let you know that Diana is doing a wonderful job at my father's house (**** Scott Ave, Winnetka). Thank you so much for sending her!
Harriet M Winnetka IL