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COVID-19 Announcement


girlFriday is closely monitoring the rapidly developing COVID-19 outbreak. As a, daughter, wife, mother and small business owner, the health and safety of everyone in my life is my first priority.

At this time, we are considered essential service and are continuing to provide cleaning services to our clients. "Professional cleaning is important-it's a skilled, necessary, and vital trade-for our community's health ,the longevity of life , and for a thriving society."

We communicate with our staff daily and ensure that we are kept aware of any changes that may occur in the field or in their own homes.

Everyone is healthy here , and our long standing hand washing policy is still in effect and will continue once we are out of the woods.

We are here for our clients just like we have always been. Due to the type of work we perform social distancing is very common in our industry. Even when clients are home, we are not in the same room or even floor for an extensive period of time. We mostly perform our work in "isolation."

Deep cleaning and sanitizing homes and offices not only before, during but, especially after an illness, is one of the best things that we can do to protect our families and our colleagues. COVID-19 attacks the lungs . According to the ALA-American Lung Association states , that when fighting lung disease like pneumonia, a clean and sanitized home produces healthier air quality. The ALA states that ,"Poor indoor air quality can cause and contribute to the development of infections."

Some of our clientele have increased service, since constant regular cleaning has been proven to destroy the virus which is very weak to the regular household products.

We plan on riding this difficult wave with the rest of the world, and do what we can to help our clients.

Be safe and stay healthy!

Andreea L. Pfeifer


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