Do you know what is a girlFriday!? We do!

girlFriday is an efficient and faithful aide entrusted with a wide variety of tasks.
Our company was designed on this platform and has grown due to our exceptional level of service, and our ability to truly assist you in freeing yourself from the worries of daily life!
girlFriday is a privately held and operated local company dedicated to assist you in freeing yourself from the worries of your household and life responsibilities. Our founder and hands on owner started girlFriday as a solution to her own needs of a busy professional and Mom.
Your experience with girlFriday will begin by first assessing your particular needs, and based on your specific instruction we will design a customized solution.
These are just some of the things we are able to assist you with are:
Residential Cleaning Services, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis-with the same girlFriday rep.  each  and every time.

Housekeeping Services (i.e. your own assigned  housekeeper that is responsible for laundry, ironing, and daily maid service and all your  household needs from two (2) to five (5) times per week.

Weekly Maid Service for temporary corporate  housing while your business takes you away from home.

Commercial Cleaning Services for your facility from two (2) to seven (7) times per week.

Additional Janitorial Services can include but are not limited to: buffing of (ceramic, vinyl, and granite ) flooring, carpet cleaning, interior window washing, power washing, painting, floor repairs and refreshing, construction and post construction cleaning, emergency clean-ups.

Professional Organizing; for your personal residence or your business.
Just remember your girlFriday Solution© is designed just for you!


It went very well!! There were 2 girls who arrived promptly and worked very hard the whole time
they were at my house. They were so thorough, my house looked awesome and smelled great! I would
definitely recommend them! I look forward to using their services again.Anne G. Evanston IL
I am proud to be using a company on Angie's list with 4 years running of Annual Rewards! They are well deserved! I have been using Girl Friday for most of 7 years now. Andreea is organized, and very client focused and knowledgable.Karen K. Northbrook IL